What do I do?
I guide my students through the breathing (pranayama) & the physical (asana) practices of Yoga.

My teaching is focused on alignment in the asana’s, so to help keep students safe, but also to educate on the different components of the body that it takes to find that sweet spot, our edge.  We work around that edge in Hatha Yoga, which tends to not only be a physical practice, but a big mental practice, as well.   Our minds are powerful and for me, breaking through those tendencies in our thoughts that might not serve us in the best way, creates breakthroughs in the practice and in life.

I want my students to leave my classes feeling relaxed and connected with their bodies and minds and to feel a sense of empowerment over the obstacles that ultimately face us in this balancing act called Life.

From brand new students to seasoned practitioners of yoga, I will work with you to help deepen your knowledge and understanding of the practice and of yourself.  We will focus on the correct alignment of the asanas suited for your body, while cultivating the connection we innately have, with our breath.
We will begin to let our breath be our guide on and off the mat. Let’s practice


Yoga Offerings

Office Yoga
Public/Community Classes
Private & Semi-Private
Kids Yoga (all ages)
Friends &/or family Classes
Yoga in Nature



  • 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
    Rishikesh Yog Peeth, India | March 2016
  • Kidding Around Yoga Children’s Teacher Training
    KAY, San Francisco, CA | February 2018
  • Yoga Biomechanics Meets Energetics | Jules Mitchell
    Sage Yoga Boise, ID | January 2019


For more information on pricing or to set-up a time to chat…reach out! I’d love to practice with you ❤


~ Live the practice. Love the practice. Be the practice. ~
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