Teaching Schedule

Located out by Ocean Beach in the Outer Sunset, San Francisco, I am open to teach anywhere in the Bay Area.

Office Yoga
As a former office employee, I can relate to individuals who find themselves working at a desk or on their feet for extended amounts of time.  I am happy to offer office yoga and meditation sessions to your office employee’s as a way help release stress and tension that builds in the body, throughout our working days.  At very competitive rates, I am happy to work with you and your team to bring yoga into your space, no matter the budget or location constraints.  We can make it work!

Kids Yoga
I received my certification to teach Children Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness classes through Kidding Around Yoga.  I love being able to give children the tools they need to help manage their own stress as they go through the aging process.  The benefits of deep breathing and movement are numerous, especially for kids.  Reach out if you’re interested in having your little’s try a class!

Public Classes 

  • Ocean Beach Yoga
    Located at 3925 Judah St. – across from Other Ave’s Co-Op
    ~ Tuesday’s & Thursday’s, 9-10a ~ Hatha Flow
    ~ Sunday’s, 4:30-5:45p ~ Radiant Earth Yoga
    ~~~> Saturday, 8/11 at 10:30-11:45am ~ Hatha Flow
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  • Thriveability – Yoga & Wellness
    Located at 300 West Portal Ave. in West Portal, San Francisco
    ~ Monday’s, 9-10:15a ~ Hatha Lvl 1-2
    ~ Monday’s, 6:30-7:45p ~ Vinyasa 1-2
    ~ Friday’s, 5 -6:15p ~ Gentle Flow & Restore
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  • Yoga Beach 
    Located at 4501 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122
    ~ Tuesday’s, 7-8:15a ~ Vinyasa All Levels
    ~~~> Sunday, 8/5 & 8/11 at 9-10:15a ~ Vinyasa All Levels
    ~~~> Wednesday, 8/29 at 7:30-8:45p ~ Vinyasa All Levels
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  • Playland@43rd in the Outer Sunset, San Francisco
    FREE (all levels) Outdoor Yoga Classes
    Located on 43rd Ave – between Irving & Judah
    ~ Sunday’s, 10-11a
    ~ Monday’s, 9-10a
    ~ Friday’s, 9-10a
    A small group of local yogi’s volunteer on a rotating schedule to bring the beautiful benefits of yoga to our community!
    Bring your own mat; donations welcome!
    ~ Find me at Playland..
    August 10, 2018 


Workshops & Retreats ~ pending…

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