Charity in December

Happy December, Happy New Moon in Sagittarius, and Happy last month of 2018!

I’ve done a lot this year.  I’m finding myself reflecting on that, but also being pulled to the present in completing this year with optimism and encouragement for what I can achieve in 2019.

I have goals in my mind. One thing I’m going to spend time doing is to lay them out visually for me to see every day.  I will achieve these goals.  Mindset, right? Plus the visual representation of them will be there for me to unconsciously and/or consciously achieve each day.

I’m sitting in my awesome apartment in Boise, Idaho right now. I would have never thought I’d be live here, but ya I’m so happy I do.  I’ve lived here just over 3 months now and there is snow on the ground.  Mendel, my gray and white domestic long-haired cat, is sleeping soundly behind me in my old, wooden, hospital chair (that I WILL reupholster in 2019).

In not writing for anyone in particular, so I’m going to let the words just come freely and effortlessly, in hopes that I am able to capture my passing thoughts as I stroke these keys that have letters on them.

I grew up stroking keys – piano keys.  Now I have a really nice electric piano that travels with me from place to place and I play,… sometimes.  I was taking lesson’s again in San Francisco by one of the most powerful and beautiful woman I know, Charity.  She is the meditation teacher at my old home studio, Ocean Beach Yoga in San Francisco, she is an awesome creator and musician, an amazing mother to two lucky boys and an incredible kid’s yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher mostly through the power of music (created by her).
I am so grateful to have been brought together with her one evening at a mutual friends house (also connected through Ocean Beach Yoga SF), chatting about life and somehow music popped up and boom, we decided on lessons.  They were much more than piano lessons.  They were therapy sessions.  They were friend sessions. They were needed, I think, for both of us.
It was only a short time that I took lessons from her, each Thursday morning after the yoga class I’d teach (again at OBYSF), but man what an important time in both of our lives for us to be connected on a weekly basis to practice music, to talk, to discuss, to ponder, to cry, to laugh, SO MUCH!
Charity, you may never read this, that’s fine, no expectations, right? but just so you know, I am undeniably grateful for our forever connection.  We were able to share a lot of personal things to each other, really naturally, and I find that with that much ease in sharing and listening, the connection is not only for now, but through eternity and potentially our multiple lives.
Ever hear the phrase ‘Soul Connection’? Well, thats Charity and I.
She taught me a completely different way of playing and approaching to play the piano where now I feel more confident ‘jamming’ with my honey and friends.  Not feeling like I can’t keep up and then just giving up ultimately, but feeling confident that I can approach any song, in any key and throw down some cords, notes, riffs, appropriately.  Not perfect (what is perfect, anyway?) but good enough and for me, that’s all I’m looking for when jamming. Good enough, in the moment, creating bliss through sound.
So, Charity, thank you.  Thank you for being exactly who you are and for being my friend and for being my piano teacher.  You are amazing.


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