Blue & Gray in the Skies Today

Sitting here looking out my window, I have the gray skies of rain and fog in the distance to my right and the sun shining in blue skies to my left. There is no visible line of separation as to when the blue ends and the gray begins, or the gray ends and the blue begins for that matter.

I can’t help but think about the balance in life when observing this interesting clash. Warmth, light, happiness is presented on my left and cool, dark, solemnness is presented to my right. Isn’t this life – our every day?

Everything is a balancing act – walking, thinking, doing, speaking, wishing, hoping, dreaming. To think about the positive and the negative, but hopefully end up leaning more to the positive – the light and happy side of things.

I’ve been teaching yoga for 22 and 1/2 months now. How flipping awesome is that. I’ve made it work – my dream just keeps unfolding. I guess this is the life I’m choosing to live. Goodness it puts a smile on my face.

I have the honor of teaching 4-6 year old children at a Montessori School this afternoon, followed by, most likely taking an asana class at Ocean Beach Yoga and then I’m speaking to the teachers in training at the studio about the business side of yoga in San Francisco. I am so grateful for the owner of this studio, my friend. She is just amazing, supportive and encouraging. How could I not feel encouraged when I am a new teacher, she takes me on as a new teacher at her studio not even a year into my teaching experience and within 6 months, I have 3 of my own classes each week at her studio!

As I am preparing for what to say and touch on at this evenings ‘class(!)’, I’m reminiscing about being in India. About deciding I wanted to go to India and take a teacher training there. I know I did that and I think its pretty flipping awesome, but sometimes its hard to realize that I did do that. That I just did it!

I hope this feeling of really being proud of myself and believing in myself always remains. Even as I recover from being a total B to my honey, my love. I want to be proud of myself that I worked through whatever emotions were arising when my reactions got the best of me and I did say or act in hurtful way. I don’t want to be that person. I want to be proud of the woman I am every day, for the impact I am making on my community as small or big as it may be!

Life is happening fast and, as my elders have always said, it will keep going faster. I wish I had more conversations with my friends and my family and was more up to date on achievements, successes, hard times, easy times, all of it. I wish some of them were more up to date on my stuff, too. But that’s life. Letting it happen and making the effort to make those things we want to happen, happen.

Its time for me to just keep on keeping on. Achieving, accomplishing and living my dreams.

Cheers to that!

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