Well Tempered

The song I am listening to is called this. ‘Well Tempered’ by NYM. Its on my Spotify Discovery Weekly playlist and its fantastic. Majority of the songs on this weeks playlist, actually, have been quite fabulous.

This morning Jeff and I woke up ‘early’ – 6:45am PST. We did it. We got out of bed and were in the car by 7:10, coffee in hand. On we went, to Tank Hill in Cole Valley, SF. Leah & Matt’s friend Zack lives over there. He’s an entrepreneur and its pretty cool to hear what he does.

Anyway, so we’re on the top of Tank Hill at 7:30am and its 44 degrees out. Not sunny at all. Not like it was in our hood – Outer Sunset, ironically. SUNset! Why are we up here, you ask? To film, of course! And because its a flipping beautiful site, no doubt at sunrise (this was our first time).

The sun is shining (behind the fog), you can see it. So, as we say here in San Francisco,.. ‘Let the sun burn the fog and show the beauty’. (I don’t know if anyone has ever said that in San Francisco, let alone referencing San Francisco, but now I have).

Turns out, that is exactly what happened. The sun burned away the fog and, my goodness, the colors were plentiful. So, we set up. Any by we, I mean Jeff. I sat out my yoga blanket and patiently awaited his go-ahead to begin my lines… and movement.

“Hi There! It’s me, Jesse!…”

The beginning stages of the production of #Zendencies.

Let me ask you this one question… What are your Zendencies?

~JJ YOGA (aka Jesse, Juanita, J, Jams, JJ, whatever) ~ Be well & ❤ always.

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