We Ah Wi

We Ah Wi – by Javelin – The theme song to this post. Enjoy.

Where are we? Where are you? On this planet, we call Earth. Orbiting the Sun that keeps us all going every single day. If it wasn’t for the sun, we wouldn’t know light and we wouldn’t know warmth.  We wouldn’t be. Period.

Where you are? I am. I am floating about. Listening to my tunes that jazz me up. Typing on my self-earned computer. Managing my new life’s administrative needs. In a coffee shop. Eating a ‘Popeye Salad’ and of delicious things that are revitalizing my insides. Later, I will go to Ocean Beach Yoga to check in for the 6:30pm class, which I will then take. Then I will take the 8pm class, as well, because why not! I want to salute the sun and honor exactly where I am today and in the moments to follow.  Is there more to this question – heck ya, let’s dig deeper.

Its the beginning of our calendar year, yet again. Let’s asses the new year questions we tend to ask ourselves at the beginning of the course of each year..

Where are you? Where do you want to be? What are you doing? What do you want to be doing?


Are you happy? Could you be happier? What will make you happier?

We use this new year as the perfect excuse to reassess where we are in life – in the life we want to be living for ourselves and maybe for others, as well.   This self and life inquiry is such a fascinating thought process to only inquire in during the beginning of each year.  I think the practice is in asking this question throughout the changing year.  Because, for real, how much changes in one year – and this is not only meant to be in reference to the things around us that change, but also the things within ourselves that change throughout the course of one year.

I quit my successful career in the trade show industry to fulfill a life long dream of going to India to become a yoga instructor – just shy of 1 year ago now.  Now I am continuing to successfully live in the city that I imagined myself living in when I was younger and am teaching yoga, mainly, to corporate employees. Hello, dreams come true.

So, now what?
So, now its the beginning of 2017 and almost my one year anniversary of leaving the company and people who I worked with and for – who helped me, in large part, become who I am today.  These individuals helped me figure out that I was meant for more.  They helped me figure out that I love to help people find solutions; helped me learn that by being a listening ear and observer, I was developing skills that would be triggered as a yoga instructor.  Times were stressful, but if I didn’t know that stress, I wouldn’t have felt I was ready to search for more.

So now, I try to reflect on my blessings on a daily.  I reflect on how lucky I am in this moment and work to disregard any negative feelings of potential failure in the future.  The future is completely out of my control, so how can I prepare to make my future spectacular if it is out of my control?   I can practice self inquiry every day – I can look forward and think about what might happen and prepare for the best & worst.  I can have simple phrases to help me not get hung up on the outcome being good or bad.   ‘Universe willing.. ” I will get my taxes done with plenty of time to spare before the due date. (Seriously is a goal of mine – and with that, I love having goals, but I don’t want to feel a sense of disappointment in my Self if I don’t succeed).

Goals are meant to help push us towards something we want for ourselves or for others. But if we don’t reach the goal or we simply don’t reach it by our deadline, then we tend to be hard on ourselves.  I say this frequently in my yoga classes and that is to be kind to ourselves; to appreciate, enjoy and love ourselves, for we are the only one’s who have to live with ourselves until the end of our days, so why not be our own best friend rather than our own worst enemy?  Why not be someone I can count on, only to know that when I give my word to myself or to others, that I can count on me?

We Ah Wi – Where are we? Where are you? Where do you want to be?

Be Happy. Be Kind. Be Grateful for all that you are and all that you’re going to be in every moment to come.  Happy New Year to you.  Cheers to learning about your true self and being the kindest person you can be, to your self now, today and always.

With love and thought
~ JJ.


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