Nature is beautiful

If you told me I would spend July Fourth 2016 in Boise, Idaho, I wouldn’t believe you. Well, here I am – in Idaho – continuing to explore the vast extent of this planet Earth  – of this land we call home.
Rather than a show of man-made fireworks on the 4th, we watched of show of nature-works. As the sun set and indescribable colors filled the sky over the Shoshone Falls and Snake River, there we stood, sipping our champagne and feeling peaceful among nature.

Not often do we take time to admire the beauty around us. Idaho has been a state I’ve seen from above for a few years now with all of the traveling I’ve done with my past job. It has been a state of sparse farm land, canyons, mountains, deserts and random bodies of water from above.

Now that I have the opportunity to be up close and personal with Idaho – I’m pleasantly surprised by the beauty around me. The canyons, gorges, mountains and deserts I’ve seen from above are not so minuscule as seemingly expected from 35,000′ above land. In fact, how large nature can be seems to always amaze me and bring a smile to my face.

The beauty in nature is, I think, one of the most unique aspects of Earth. I am a lover of the sun and of the land. The two compliment each other quite nicely in this land of potatoes. Colors of the rainbow fill the sky as the sun sets around 9pm in the evening during the month of July – last light leaving the night sky around 10pm. Strange concept to get used to and surprising how the connection with light naturally energies our bodies, keeping us awake and active much later than in San Francisco.

As the saying goes ‘stop to smell the roses’. So stop and smell – never would you regret this moment as you start to naturally appreciate the beauty in the smell and in turn, the gratitude towards nature. Bring this sense of gratitude with you always. Be thankful, for nature is beautiful – and its our to enjoy.




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