The beginning

Long time no..write.
Currently laying on the top bunk in an all girls dorm hostel room in South Delhi. Hostel name = Moustache Hostel. I may or may not have chosen this hostel solely due to the name…and legit reviews from my new friend Caroline from Quebec.
Kat, friend from childhood, is passed out nicely on the top bunk across the way from me. Glasses on and crooked on her face. Quite peaceful looking with a small smirk on her face. Meryl – on the other side of the curtain to my right – I believe is on her computer, hopefully NOT looking at work emails. She owns her own business with her fiance (who used to be my next door neighbor way back when (baby-5 years old). If she is answering emails, then go Meryl! You hard worker bee you!
Leah, oldest childhood friend here, passed out on the bottom bunk on the other side of the room. Tired ladies – definitely feeling the jetlag from flying from the East Coast & West Coast to India, arriving this past Saturday (making today day 4).

I, on the other hand, am not jet lagged, but feeling the ‘shock’ from living in Rishikesh for the past month and coming to the city, where they definitely do not practice the yogic lifestyle nearly as fluently. To each his own. It is actually a nice ease into what the reality is that I will encounter here on out, from the reality and self transformation I have been living the past month…. Although, my self transformation / exploration will not end here. Absolutely no way – this is just the beginning!
I do honestly feel the difference in environments is showing me just how much I have changed. Undoubtedly for the better.

It has been quite some time since I’ve written, so I think it important to update on the past month. This will take some time, however, for me to touch on my thought process now. To hold you over, here is a take away from what i’ve learned…

Be careful what you think, as your thoughts will manifest. The old adage (is that the right word?), “Think positively and positive things will happen to you”. My teacher – Guru Roshan – YES HE IS A GURU! What an amazing man – he is the one who finished off a class one day saying exactly that – “Think wisely as your thoughts will manifest. Be careful”. If we constantly think bad things will happen or just the worst outcome will occur, then most likely, we will have a bad experience along the way. This, of course, is all up for interpretation, however if you believe it (and why not – really its just a thought), then wouldn’t you rather think positively, so that you can maybe help have positive things come your way?  I know I do.

This is the smallest snippet from everything that is running through my mind.

Another one is – big one in class – Impartial Observation. To observe yourself and others with an impartial viewpoint – not to judge too quickly either good or bad, just remain impartial.

If you asked a specific person in my life last June if one can remain neutral or impartial, he’d easily say no – you can’t be ‘Switzerland forever’. If you ask me, I think thats the best place to be. Let’s remain an impartial observer and help those who see otherwise that there is always an opportunity for them to see differently.

More to share soon – when i’m on the beach in Southern India in Kerala. Google it- I’m so excited!
❤ J

PS – I’m officially a certified Hatha Yoga teacher!!!!!!!!!
(more to share about this journey soon). ~

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