Onward and beyond

Well, my friends, the time has come – I am literally on the plane right now heading, well, East (which is strange since I’m leaving from California), with my final destination being the motherland that is India. YahooooooOOOOooooo!

I purposefully chose to have a couple layovers, so that I wasn’t on one single plane for 15+ hours.
This way I get to walk around and stretch the legs, people watch in a foreign city, order a coffee in English from a first language Dutch barista (because I’m an American and only speak one language), go to a grounded bathroom where I don’t feel open atmospheric air sweep underneath me as I flush. ‘Ya know, the things you don’t get by sitting, facing forward, playing armrest of war, and getting up maybe once to release.

~ My journey begins as follows ~
* Friday, February 19 (TODAY!)
@ 11:33 am PST – depart SFO –> Detroit @ 7:05 pm EST (en route!)
* Friday, February 19
@ 8:45 pm EST – depart Detroit –> Amsterdam @ 10:45 am CET (Central European Time)
* Saturday, February 20
@ 12:40 pm CET– depart Amsterdam –> New Delhi @ 1:00 am IST (India Standard Time)

Thats four time zones I’m traveling across – I actually didn’t realize that..!

Time differences compared to India time:
-13.5 hours from India time to West Coast USA(so I’m +13.5 hours ahead)
-11.5 hours from India time to Central Time USA (so I’m +11.5 hours ahead)
-10.5 hours from India time to East Coast USA (so I’m +10.5 hours ahead)

Basically, let’s email or WhatsApp whenever possible and just keep reading this blog 🙂 My mornings in Rishikesh will be starting at 5:30am IST, which would then be 8:30pm EST. (If you’re lucky, I’ll wake up at 5 am and ping you ;-P)

Since I started writing this excerpt, I’ve landed in Detroit and am now aboard Delta flight #138 heading to Amsterdam. Its an overnighter. My body is going to be so confused by the time I get to India – ha! I can’t believe this is happening right now! I’ve traveled for work for so long, that an airplanes an airplanes an airplane. I don’t think this will hit me until I’m in India NOT heading to the hotel closest to the convention center with a 6am wake-up call. (thats for you trade show friends).

So, I took a Hatha Raja Yoga class yesterday morning near my apartment- my last class in San Francisco as simply a student – next time I take a class in San Francisco, I will be a certified 200-hour Yoga Teacher… in Hatha Yoga! Woohoo! (Foreshadow hint – it wont end there).
It was basically a private class, as there was only myself and one other woman being instructed by Jenna. So, that was amazing. I shared, for the first time with one of my yoga teachers, that I was leaving to travel to India and obtain my certification. I don’t really know why I haven’t told any other teachers, but if I had to say a reason, I believe that this journey is more than just being certified. I’m going to explore in my SELF.
She was so excited for me and it turned out she had been to India 3 years prior and spent 6 weeks in a town near where I am staying. Plus 6 weeks in Nepal, so thats awesome! We totally hit it off and I can’t wait to go back to her Thursday morning at 9am class and share my stories after a rejuvenating class.

During the class, she was so peaceful and deeply rooted into the methodology of her practice and teachings. Her ‘lineage’ was in Dharma Yoga. One thing she pointed out during the class is that each style of yoga will have different body types associated with them. For instance, Dharma yoga is much more focused on the hips and arm release, so Dharma Yoga students primarily have broad, open shoulders. Interesting and something I’ve never thought of. In doing Bikram steadily for a while now, it makes sense. You work continuously repeating certain postures to advance and created more focused concentration and at the same time you’re continuously working the same muscles. So, of course, you’re bodies going to become more open in those postures vs. a variation of slightly different Asanas that might be more explored in, for example, Dharma Yoga.

I can’t wait to learn as much as I possibly can on this journey. I want to bring back as much knowledge as I can and share with everyone who is open to learning or even open to hearing the knowledge of the most ancient yoga practice I have brought back with me. I have no doubt I will learn things I’ve never touched the surface on and I. Can’t. Wait.

Writing in this blog is really quite therapeutic. We have so many thoughts and feelings running through us; I feel quite vulnerable writing my thoughts out like this – especially knowing now how many peeps might be reading! (hi!). It basically is my journal, so most likely an unusual approach to most blogs, maybe a bit more personal, but all in all, honest and first hand information from someone who’s living in the moment. Living one of many dreams.

Kind of reminds me of when I was a Radio DJ in college. DJ JJams at Flagler College Radio. Sitting in a sound proofed room, with gismo’s and gadgets everywhere, jammin’ out to really what I was in the mood for and what fit the stations listeners – from 9am-11am every Wednesday morning for two and a half years. Was just me, speaking into a microphone that was being listened to by thousands of people on the opposite end, but you never really knew. I had no idea of the reactions I was getting with the comments I was making on air or even if anyone was listening for that matter.

Similar to leaving Freeman, I never knew how many people appreciated the work I had put into something I spent so much time doing, until I left. I was the Flagler College Radio Music Director responsible for reporting numbers and what not information to music journals every week – I managed 5 students during weekly working hours, plus my ‘Morning Rock Block’ chunk of time when I could woo the listeners with self chosen tunes and snippets of comic relief. What an awesome experience to look back upon.

PS – just got white wine with my DINNAH on this flight! I also got two dinners because they didn’t have me as a ‘special meal’ passenger. Most of you know I’m special – hehe – but I mean I need a ‘special’ meal – Gluten-Free, of course. 🙂 So I got, grilled chicken caesar salad, with fruit, a piece of cheese (YUM), two shrimp (random) and then separately got some cooked chicken in red sauce with rice, salad, piece of cheese (double YUM), and each meal came with a fat piece of, I think, pretzel bread (insert throwing up face emoji). Based on their reaction, they must get some pretty nasty passengers who get pissed. I’m like, whatevs, I have trail mix and dried apples up above – you don’t even know. #GlutenFreeForLife #WellPreparedCeliac

This is most likely the longest blog I’ve written – seeing as its my fourth or fifth now – you’re welcome. I will update on my next journey … the last leg, the final flight, the turn of it all.  No turning back now. I’m living in the moment and staying as positive in each of those moments as I can. For me, for Jeff, for my family at home wishing me well, for my friends who are like sisters and brothers that support me, for old coworkers who have also become like family. Thanks guys – for being in my life and being excited for this journey with and for me. I am so grateful for you all – you don’t even know.

❤ Ciao for now then ❤

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