So much <3

I am here in Atlanta, Georgia producing the United Motorcoach Association Expo 2016. This is my LAST show I am producing for Freeman! Weird. The show has gone so well, better than I really could have imagined and that is in huge part thanks to the great team we have here in Atlanta assigned to this event.

I broke the news to our customers on Saturday morning when we were out at our traditional breakfast after coach move-in. Chuck began the introduction saying ‘Well, Jesse has some news to share”. All heads turned to me and I, naturally, put my hands on my face and said “I’m going to cry”. That got a couple chuckles and as I pulled my hands away, I noticed some confused faces. I took a deep breath and said “I have resigned from Freeman”. The jaws dropped. Tears started down my face as I continued.
Yes, I am an emotional person, but having to break the news to this customer – MY FAVORITE customers – was really and truly, in a sense, heartbreaking. I felt like I was breaking up with them! (internal giggle).

What really kept the emotions high for me, was that my customer Maggie, who was sitting right across from me, was just starting at me with tears running down her face. What an amazing feeling it is to know how much you are appreciated.

This job, as many jobs are I am sure, just gets you to think about the next few months, the next year even and time just flies by without you really thinking about it. You do your job to the best of your ability (at least I pride myself in that), and you get thanks here and there. With just trucking along on my daily duties for almost six years, I never really knew how much I was appreciated until I was saying goodbye. Not only by my customers around the country, but my leadership team and fellow coworkers around the country.

I feel so loved and appreciated, it really makes me think back to the really tough times I’ve had working in this job, at this company, and I can say that I am proud of myself and the job I have done over the years.

This decision to break away from something that really I feel like I am finally  getting a steady grasp on, is genuinely tough. I’ve looked forward to not working for Freeman for a while, not because I don’t like the company, but because internally I knew there was more for me out there.

Change is hard, but sometimes staying is harder. This leap of faith is continuously proving to me that it is the right choice for me – and who I am.

The evening conversations I’ve hard with someone I look up to so much, Chuck, have been so inspiring and uplifting. These conversations and his guidance and advice are really getting me to think and realize that I will be just fine. I am a hard worker, a go-getter, someone who will not let myself fail. The next coming weeks are going to be emotional, intense, scary, exciting, adventurous, hard, easy and everything in-between.

I am already embracing every single moment I have. Every day is the end to something I’ve lived for so long. But it is also the beginning to something that I will bring with me through life, forever.

Thank you – Freeman, my coworkers, my work family – for supporting me, guiding me and more importantly for always believing in the best part of me. Stay tuned to continue reading the pages of this next chapter. I promise, it will be a good read. 🙂

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