its all happening!

Its the New Year! And its all happening! I’m going to India! I quit my job! Its official!!

The New Year happened right, then on day two Jeff and I go to our old hood, the Inner Sunset, and had breakfast at Art’s. Go there if you’re in SF.
We brought our skateboards because its fun to skate around that area of Golden Gate Park – 9th and Lincoln into the park, around the American Academy of Sciences, the De Young Museum, the SF Botanical Garden. You just cruise – there are decent smallish hills, but you get some speed so your adrenalin is running. We went all around and through the Botanical Garden’s for the first time – we didn’t even scratch the surface of what that place has to offer. Highly recommended. I can’t wait to go back.
We meet friends on Haight St. for a bit, then continued back on our journey –> our goal is to skate home, through GG park. We’ve done it once from 5th ave down to the ocean, which is about 48 blocks. We are on our merry way, crushing the declines – have a little liquid courage which I think helped a bit. I was picking up speed very quickly and luckily people were moving for me ;o) We make it to the 30’s and I wipe out. Board slips out from under me and I didn’t have enough time to put my arms out and I smacked down on my tailbone / bum. Full impact.
Long story short, I haven’t begun the headstand challenge…
Its amazing how just one thing can change your plans. Can change the course in which you thought you were going. Not to mention the bruise…

I officially gave my notice at work yesterday, January 6th, 2016. After almost six years in the trade show industry. My boss was both shocked and so excited for me to be making this decision. I didn’t realize how emotional I’d get. Had an awesome meeting with the exec’s in the afternoon and they basically just said that they are leaving the door wide open for me to return if and when I want to. Wow. I have been so anxious about this day – about what’s happening right now. The only way I can really describe how I am feeling is surreal. I’m going through the motions of what’s happening, but its hard to grasp the entirety of what’s happening. I am so lucky. HA!

The news was broken to the entire office today, which was crazy and cool and heart pounding. Everyone says the same thing and man is it like confirming a lot of why I am choosing to do this now. “You’re getting out!”, “I wish I did something like that”, “Can I come?”, “Your inspiring!”.
Holy Shit! I am doing this! And you know what, hell yes I’m doing this. I want to accomplish the things that I have and do dream about. And I will!

Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Jesse Juanita Jarvis and I live my dreams.



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