~ It is the second to last day of the year today. It has been cold, rainy, gloomy and wonderful outside all day today. I went to work this morning was pretty productive, which was nice and then I left and went to get my vaccinations for my travels. My. Arm. Kills right now.
I had three total shots – rather than the initial five and therefore $600-ish richer than I would have been. Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Tdap (Tetanus). Avoided Rabies and Japanese Enchepalitis…. for now. The shots didn’t hurt badly, nor was I nervous when I was getting them, but somehow you forget that it isn’t that initial prick that hurts, but the aftermath. When you’re home and you’re realizing that they just stabbed your arm muscle straight up with a needle and injected a bubble of crazy-concentrated liquid into your arm. That’s just not something that happens a lot, therefore pretty much is really, surprisingly painful.
To reward myself, I went and bought Lays Ruffles, Sour Cream and Lipton’s Onion Mix. Made the dip and now, simultaneously, eating the lot. Super bad, I know.
I feel like typing this is going to help hold me to it..maybe not, but I can only hope.. and especially since I’m writing this blog now… Starting in the New Year, I am not doing dairy, anymore. I need to just stop. Really I don’t have dairy, except cheese and sour cream mainly. It does no good for my insides and skin. Taking a break is necessary to realign my system. And I just flat out have too much. Its an addiction at this point.
Friday, January 1 is the beginning.
I’m also going to start practicing and mastering a headstand – step by step, every day.
When I went to Passport Health today to get my vaccinations, the gal that was visiting with the doctor before me ended up to also be going to India, in March. Her mom was there, too and showed me a few pictures. She said it was amazing and the gal, my age, was just going to go for vacation. I’m so excited to see what everyone see’s in India. The world is small and sometimes it gets smaller, but also bigger at the same time.
One day closer and one task over.
Time to continue the to-do list for my travels and future destinations,  one item, at a time.  ~

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