numero uno

~ Sitting here, on a Tuesday. My first post on my first website-blog-page of sorts. Mendel, my kitty, is playing ravenously with his finger puppet toy mouse i bought him for Christmas. I just finished my first ever bowl of gluten-free honey-nut cheerios! woop woop! Letting you know that i’m gluten-free, not by choice, and i haven’t had Cheerios in over nine years – thank you very much. This was a big day for me.
Jeff and I went to the 4:30 Bikhram class at BeingYoga in Burlingame, CA after work today. Then we ate sushi – which was delicious except they didn’t have gf soy sauce AND they ran out of spicy mayo. *first world probs* The fish was fresh, thank goodness. That place is always fresh. The tea is yum, as well.
I digress. Jeff’s been playing his electric guitar, learning a new song, for probably a good hour and a half by now. Its nice background music. His head phones are in and he’s plugged into his amp. So cute. He’s learning this new song byyyyy…shoot what’s the name. Eh i’m not going to get it. I’ll find out again soon.
I’m typing on my new Mac, which is awesome and i feel super fortunate to have been able to purchase this AND go on this amazing journey i’m about to embark on AND feel secure for when I get back. Hopefully. EEEKKK.
This is a super nerve-wracking, yet thrilling and so, so exciting roller coaster of emotions i’m going through right now. I’m totalllyyyyyy half of my jilly and paul and half of rich and gayle. Mom and dad and dad and aunty gayle (step mom). Which, by the way, is an amazing way to be. Each of them have made me who I am today and they are all amazing beings, so i mean, i guess that makes me pretty amazing, too? :o) ok, no but seriously. I love them and i’m lucky.
Its not just my four parents that have helped make me who i am right this moment, but so many more people close and far from me now. When you think back about how many people have touched your life, its a pretty amazing thing. If you start counting, you’ll lose track pretty quickly by just how many you’re counting. Both good and bad, happy and sad, you may regret it and you may not, but every moment that you experience and those emotions that are created help to shape who you are in this moment.
Something along the way has lead me to truly believe that now is the time and i am going to India. I am quitting my job of almost six years – from the age of 22 to 28 – and taking a TOTAL leap of faith. I am going to spend seven weeks in India – across many different miles. New Delhi, Dehradun, Rishikesh, Goa, maybe Sri Lanka? I will leave February 19th and return April 7th. I will be who i am when i return and that is all i want :o)
This journey of Self is going to be pretty astounding, i feel. I’m looking forward to taking full advantage and diving in head first to this experience and journey. I am strong, I am confident and I can do anything I want to do. I want to do this. I am doing this. Here I go. ~

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