Jesse J is a San Francisco based yoga instructor and East Coast native.  She is inspired to bring the ancient physical, mental and spiritual practices of Yoga to as many as she can reach.  She has found a niche teaching in office environments around the Bay Area and helps to bring blood flow & zen through the bodies and minds of some of the most impactful employee’s out there.

From her former corporate sales experience, Jesse is able to relate to the average office worker and helps to bring a comfortable sense of understanding of what working in an office environment means to the body and mind.  She is passionate about educating every body she encounters about the importance to move and release stress that builds up throughout working days.

Jesse is also passionate about teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness to children, everywhere. She brings a playful energy into her kids classes that encourages the kids to be present and stay focused on the practice.

In her classes, in the office or in public studios around San Francisco, Jesse expresses the importance of the breath.  She applies a focus on the connection between breath and body movement in her yoga instruction for adults and kids, which she feels helps her students focus on their bodies in the moments throughout the practice, resulting in more mindful actions on and off the mat.

~ Live the practice. Love the practice. Be the practice. ~
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“Jesse teaches thoughtful, creative sequences with a sense of whimsy and playfulness. She is motivating, inspiring and truly cares for all of her students. Jesse does an excellent job of making yoga accessible to everyone, providing different options and levels with all poses. She is amazing at teaching balancing poses and supports you to challenge your mind, body, spirit and vestibular system. Her classes leave you feeling energized, centered and uplifted.”
~ Laurie Brown, Yogi Student at OBY since 1/2017

~ Laurie Brown, Yogi Student at OBY since 1/2017

“Yoga with Jesse was unlike any other yoga instruction I’ve taken. Not only does she make you feel at ease and comfortable, but her inherent passion and gratitude for what she does shines through so you benefit directly from that. You get the type of instruction that feels tailored and unique to you because of her contagious joy and pleasure in the practice of teaching others this way of life.”

~ Katelyn Calautti, OBY student, private client

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